Civil Airlines to Europe Spring 2024

Cover of Civil Airlines to Europe Spring 2024
In conjunction with LAAS International Aviation and Aerodata, ST Publications are pleased to announce the availability of this brand new book which has been produced in response to several requests for a smaller, more concise publication covering just the aircraft that can be seen at European airports. This book is a companion to our main publication, Civil Airlines of the World. It aims to provide an accurate listing of all the currently operational civil airliners that in theory, you might see across Europe. Aircraft which only overfly Europe have been excluded as flight routes and operations change so frequently. Each aircraft shows registration, type, and construction number. Also included is a status indicator which shows those aircraft on order (o) or those currently parked (p) by their operators. For each airline where official information is available, the full ICAO and IATA codes are shown along with their callsigns.

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Book details:-

Book Code: STP00213
Editor: Richard Balfre
Compiler: LAAS Aviation Society
Date Published: Mar, 2024
Date Added: Mar, 2024
Number of Pages: 96
Sample Page: here