Those WERE the days

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This book covers the author`s younger days as a trainspotter, from 1959 up to the cessation of steam on British Railways on 4th August 1968. It is a nostalgic delve into those halcyon days of a trainspotter. The author was fortunate in that, apart from his very early spotting days, he retained records of all his railway activities, from the boyhood lineside spotting with pencil and notepad at Hitchin on the East Coast main line, to numerous trips across the length and breadth of the country. This publication is not just another boo that lists details of locos seen on spotting trips however, as many other details of the trips are given, such as how the author`s trips were undertaken, along with notes of the many amusing incidents encountered along the way, for example the coach in which the author was travelling catching fire on the M1, and hitchhiking a lift on a 9F right into the shed the author was heading for! During these trips the author visited BR sheds, Works and Scrap Yards over 600 times and in doing so, recorded in excess of 21,000 steam locomotive numbers. This is a unique record of one young boy’s exploits during a fascinating period that has gone forever and will bring back wonderful memories to those who also enjoyed the hobby, which in those pre-computer and mobile phone days, was one of the most popular in the country. For those unfortunate not to have experienced such activities, this highlights a different and maybe very uncomplicated world the like of which we’ll never see again. The book consists of 185 A4 pages, has full colour card covers, and over 100 black & white photographs taken by the author and colleagues who accompanied him on these trips. Details of the sheds visited and locomotive numbers are in Appendices to the rear after the main text.

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Date Published: Sep, 2017
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