HGV Fleets 12 Registrations

Cover of HGV Fleets 12 Registrations
This is a further volume in our new series of books listing the registrations of the UK`s HGV fleet. This volume covers the 12 series registrations, and as with the previous volumes, vehicles are listed in registration number order. Also shown is the vehicle manufacturer and the current owner (if known), or if not, the present livery. Fire engines and Council vehicles are also included. Other than subsequent scrappings, these books will require little updating by the user and can therefore be used for years to come! This volume contains 14,125 registrations.

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Book details:-

Book Code: STP00174
Editor: Barry Jones
Compiler: Clive Smithson
Date Published: Oct, 2015
Date Added: Oct, 2015
Number of Pages: 124
Sample Page: here