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Quick update - sent 10/04/2019

Hello fellow spotters,

Just to let you know that for you Ship enthusiasts we have just updated our three volume series of our Ship spotting books. Between the three books over 37,500 vessels are listed, which includes 1602 new ones together with another over 3000 other changes since we published the previous editions last year.
We also have available a ship book that lists all the vessels contained in the above three volumes by name order, along with the IMO number.This book is available FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who orders all the 3 main ship titles.

We are currently working on updated versions of our UK Canal Boats, and our Summer Edition of our UK Railway Combine along with two of our Bus Spotting books, these being the First & Stagecoach volume, and that covering the Arriva & London fleet.

Happy spotting from the ST Pub team!