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Quick update - sent 29/08/2019

Hello fellow spotters,

Just to quickly let you know that for you HGV fans, we have just published our Autumn version of our "Eddie" book which updates the previous edition with all the latest changes to the fleet.

For Railway fans, we would like to mention we are now able to supply a brilliant new book made by the Heritage Trust entitled "The Allocation History of BR Diesel Shunters" This book gives a detailed history of the depot allocations of all the ex-BR shunters, along with a wealth of other information such as build dates, renumberings, withdrawal and disposal dates, exports, locos preserved etc. Classes 01 to 14 are all covered, along with departmental shunters as well. This is a very comprehensive book and a must for anyone with an interest in diesel shunters!
To find details of this book just click on the "Latest" tab on our website.

Happy spotting from the ST Pub team.