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Update - sent 31/03/2020

Hello Fellow Spotters,

We thought we would update you all regarding the publishing of our spotting books in light of the current Coronavirus situation.
We are pleased to say that at the present time our business remains unaffected by virtue of the fact we are fortunate in that we are in full control of the entire publishing process as all STP team members are able to work from home. We have therefore not found it too difficult to self-isolate and still continue to publish our books.
We are currently concentrating on the books that do not need regularly updating, for example we have just published updated versions of our 3 volume European Ship spotting books, which between them list over 38,500 vessels. We are currently working on a further volume in our German Wagons series, and for HGV fans our 69 Registrations book will be out very soon. Unfortunately however we will not be able to publish our normal Independent companies Bus books this year as the compiler is seriously ill in hospital.
We are fully aware that the vast majority of you will have had to curtail your spotting activities, as we have also, and like yourselves we look forward to the time when we are all able to start spotting again.
We have been hearing a few stories regarding how some spotters are passing their time whilst self-isolating but still being able to enjoy a bit of “spotting”, some folks are achieving this by trawling the internet and searching for photos of locos, wagons, buses, ships, you name it, and then “copping” them as normal! Also some search through their collection of books and magazines to see what photos they can find there. It would be interesting to find out if every Class 47 has been photographed, or if any managed to evade being snapped!
However, whatever you do in the meantime, please take care and stay safe…….
The ST Pub Team.