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Quick update - sent 20/05/2024

Hello fellow spotters,

We hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and getting plenty of spotting in while you can!

Firstly just to let you know that we have just published 4 newly updated editions of our bus spotting books, these being First & Stagecoach Summer 2024, Arriva & Major London Bus Fleets Summer 2024, Major & Municipal Bus Fleets Summer 2024 and Major Coach Fleets Summer 2024.

Our next updated book will be the Civil Airliners of the World Summer 2024 which should be available around the 2nd June, in the meantime we are working on updating our German Wagons book, along with a new HGV book covering the 73 registrations.

On the UK Railway front, some of you will know that we have been involved with the 6880 Betton Grange project for over 15 years, and the time has now arrived for the loco to haul its first public services. This historic event will take place this weekend at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway`s Cotswold Festival of Steam, and STP will have a stall there on the Betton Grange stand. So if you are attending this event come and say hello!

Happy spotting from the ST Pub team